Money Smarts in March’s Snail Mail

You can print this financial planner from the Snail Mail PDF. Here are some tips to use it:

Research what you want to buy. You can find the best price, learn if it goes on sale often (electronics often do). Can you buy it used? You might even want to find reviews from other buyers to see if they were happy with their purchase.

Keep spending money. This might sound backwards, right? But saving money has a lot in common with starting a new diet or exercise routine. Let yourself still buy things that make you happy – just not as often. You can make a list of how much money you spend on treats like snacks and entertainment, and decide how to cut back from there.

Tell your friends that you’re saving money. They can cheer you on! And they can help you out by making plans that don’t cost money.

I’m saving up for:
Total cost:
Amount of money saved:
Money earned per week:Money spent per week:
Ways to earn money:Ways to spend less:

Week (+) Money saved(-) Money spent(=) Total